Dragonfly Jar

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This pottery storage jar with lid is 100% handmade of clay and suitable for everyday use.
It comes with a creamy white glaze on the interior and exterior, and is burned three (3) times in high temperature.
While the third firing takes place, the ceramic decal pattern is ‘burned’.
The entire creative process and all the unique designs featuring ΔΚ’s lyrical black-and-white technique, are done by hand from the artist.

Origin : Athens (Greece)

Δeltakappadesign is an Athens based collaboration by the twin sisters Dimitra and Katerina Tzivelos – who have come together to share their passion for art and design. Artist Dimitra creates the designs and emblems, while the Interior Designer Katerina gives them ‘life’, transforming the works into distinctive objects of art.

Dimensions : 11 11 cm


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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 cm

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