Candle Holder

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This candle holder is made entirely by hand by a Catalan craftsman. It is enamelled and decorated with drippings that blend, overlap and overlap. This candle holder is available in two versions: In matt black or enamelled in colours.

Origin: Spain

Every Datcha collection begins the same way. The two creators search everywhere, guided by their curiosity. Looking as much into the history of crafts as towards the ways of doing things in the Maghreb or the Far East. They innovate from this know-how, design unique models, which do not copy but pay homage to the trades. Their choices lean towards atypical practices, with an element of randomness in the manufacturing processes, chance and “accidents” often creating good surprises.

Dimensions : 10 12 cm


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Weight 0.500 kg
Dimensions 10 × 12 cm

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