The story

Situated in an old coffee shop, filled with light, TRELA sits in the center of the town of Tinos (Access plan here).

TRELA is the brainchild of Carol Guinebert, a Frenchwoman who settled in Tinos five years ago in the small village of Smardakito. Carol splits her time between Paris and Tinos as she is also the founder of a communication agency specialized in cultural institutions. Carol has always been an art and antique objects collector and Trela is the fruit of her passion for the “old and the new”.

TRELA curate a subtle selection of antique objects and contemporary pieces that tell the story of France and Greece creating the bridge between today and yesterday and reflecting the two cultures.

Contemporary: luminaries edited by The Gentle Factory, duo of Franco-Greek designers, lamps by Kalou Dubus or Pierre-Marie Couturier, furniture and lighting in recycled cardboard from Papercuts, ceramics by Katerina Latoufi, Delta Kappa Design or from the Greek studio 3 Some Ceramics, the vintage recycled paper creations of Aris Sotiriou, but also French designers with an anchor on the island of Tinos such as Nathalie Borst, Gilles & Catherine Gautry or Sabrina Binda …

Antiques: a Greek post office from the 30s, 19th century jars, paintings from the same period, old postcards from Tinos to revive, old carpets from the Kozani region, typical tavern tables , furniture reflecting the Greek craftsmanship restored by Carol herself in a dedicated workshop on the port, …

Trela is also an exclusive collaboration with Manuela Bonnet from the God Save the Screen design studio as part of her line inspired by Tinos. This highly graphic collection imagined in four hands comes in the form of candles,

TRELA is an unexpected, eclectic yet accessible selection of timeless objects, found along Carol’s travelling adventures. The common thread of it all is beauty and emotion.

TRELA is a bridge between the Ephemeral and the memory, the fragility of life and the power of history, the past and the projects, nostalgia and dream.

TRELA is also a gallery that represents artists and designer from both countries, established or emerging.

TRELA is a place of wonder where you, traveler or local,  stop, dream, flip through an old greek history book, enjoy a contemporary photography, meet travelers and locals for dialogue…

TRELA means “Madness” in greek. The madness of a frenchwoman in love with Tinos, the impulse she had to buy a house, the urge to live there, and give back the true happiness that she found on this Island.

TRELA is the gift of happiness !