Iconostasia – an exhibition by Evi Tsana

It’s not easy to define the works of this young Greek, but a de facto Italian artist, from all points of view.

It’s not easy because you can’t label her. It’s not precisely sculpture – if not partially – but the definition of objet trouvé is not enough to define her, though recovered objects form the body of her work. They are deeply mystical images, but intensely “profane” at the same time, applicable to life beyond all dogmas. They are – perhaps more than anything else – a sort of emotional collage, full of the artist’s past history, but also of her being in the world here and now, a sparkling woman, lively, relentless happy to be alive.

Evi Tsana. Iconostasia
By Alessandra Redaelli

Iconostasia – An exhibition by Evi Tsana

From 1st of July to 31th of August, 2019