Many places, one Tinos – A photo exhibition by Carol Guinebert

Many places, (only) one Tinos.

These photographs speak of the passing of time, of the succession of generations, of the ephemery of life.

And both its anchoring and its permanence, through an (imperishable) object, a place (inhabited), a memory (immortal), an (timeless) emotion.

On the one hand, the fragility of an instant, of a life.

On the other hand, the strength and power of history and memory.

And always in echo, this sweet nostalgia.

« These photos, made by Hipstamatic, are more graphic than traditional photography. The perfection of photography is not what is sought here. Much more the capture of an instant, a color, an emotion. Of a soul. »

Many places, one Tinos

A photography exhibition by Carol Guinebert

From June, 13 to 27. 2020

Opening: Sunday June, 14 from 9pm