O’Jewellery Collection by Ghislaine Dantan

Trela is about welcoming with sparkling eyes the new jewelry collection of Ghislaine Dantan.

O jewellery was established in 2012 with the launch of a studio, a series of limited artist editions, a website and an e-shop.
Living between Athens and Paris, she’s constantly in search of vintage materials which she combine to create unique pieces. These jewel-collages generate a series of encounters between precious, semi-precious and mundane materials creating poetic manipulations and many narrative possibilities.

Crystals, stones, fine metallic chains and state of the art resins, form a new kind of synergy, that is at the same time daring and subtle.

O collections have been presented at Vamiali’s gallery, Melas-Papadopoulos Gallery, Occhi concept store, Mofu vintage & contemporary design, Yiorgos Eleftheriades Space in Athens, as well as Galerie Salon, Ofr bookstore/gallery and Yume store in Paris and is on sale at The Benaki Museum (Syntagma, Athens).

Popup « O’Jewellery Collection » by Ghislaine Dantan

From 17th to 23th August, 2019

Opening: Friday 16th of August from 8pm