Tinos between lines and counter-spaces – Drawings by Françoise Boissière-Lafarge

Choosing to draw, to sketch, to interpret with a line, inherently risks loosing to the model.

Sketching, the time of a spontaneous and unforgiving brush stroke, triggers a truth of the moment and diffuses an elusive suggestive power.

It is a means to observe, to feel and to tell rhythms, as varied as leaves or architecture. It is putting a selection of immobile instants on paper and bringing the simple and direct perception to light.

With a black felt pen, Françoise Boissière-Lafarge take ownership of this ardent island’s shadows. She tried to portray the blinding, bursting incandescent light of the Greek hours, magnified by the heat of radiant, cloudless skies.

In the splitting rivalry between glare and the interpretation of shadows, his drawings are born from the observation, fed by an instant repossession of the real, radiating the softness and strength of the Tinos light.

« I draw. I’ve always been drawing.

The first time I visited Tinos, I had been invited by a very dear friend. It was the summer of 2014, I was healing a heartbreak and when I look back now, it seems that I had been confiding in the sun. I came back the following summer and started exploring the island. In the summer of 2016 i finally slowed down and started drawing. »

Francoise Boissière-Lafarge, juin 2017

Tinos between lines and counter-spaces

A drawings exhibition by Françoise Boissière-Lafarge

From 22th of july to 12th of august 2017

Opening: Sunday , 23th of july from 9 :00 pm